02 - 03 - 04 June 2023



I would like to make an evaluation on behalf of BNR and IFMANT, inspired by a Turkish proverb that we know as words get lost unless it is written down.

Dear colleagues, I would like to start by thanking you for your support and participation in the international neural therapy congress that we have hosted for the nineth time as BNR since 2006.

Dear colleagues,

Dear presidents,

Dear scientists,

All our guests who participated in the congress,

With the collaboration of The Scientific Neural Therapy and Regulation Association (BNR) and IFMANT, we have held the IX. International Neural Therapy Congress, which we have traditionally held every two years since 2006 and had to pause due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and the XVIII. National Neural Therapy Symposium (Traditional Herget Neural Therapy and Regulation Medicine Symposium).

This magnificent congress was attended by the associations of Germany IGNH and DGfAN, Switzerland SANTH, Austria ONR, Spain Therapy Neural, Italy NEURALIA, Colombia ACOLTEN/MNT and Julio Cesar Payán Neural Therapy Association, Brazil IBNT, Bulgaria NT Association, Turkey AATRTF, BTR, BAR, BKK and MTAR associations. We held it at Kartal Titanic Hotel in Istanbul between 02-04.06.2023.

     As we move beyond modern medicine towards nanomedicine, we expected diagnosis and treatment to be easier, however, this is not the case. We realize that modern or school medicine fails to evaluate recognize the functionality of ECM and ANS/VNS and fails to acknowledge body as a multi-directional network. All over the world, we have seen and experienced together how modern medicine has become helpless in the pandemic due to these reasons.

During the pandemic, Dr. Lorenz Fischer, Dr. Hans Barop, Dr. Laura Pinilla Bonilla, Dr. David Vinyes, Dr. Gerasimos Papathanasiou, Dr. Mehmet Ali Elmacioglu and Dr. Hüseyin Nazlıkul have guided us with their work. This and similar congresses are of great importance for us as neural therapy and regulation medicine physicians to work much harder, publish much more, communicate more with each other, collaborate more, and travel much faster in order to  meet the needs of this period.

The importance of ANS/VNS together with the immune system and the endocrine system and their influence on the inflammation processes in both protecting our health and in the development of diseases has been common knowledge to us, neural therapists. This knowledge is sufficient to explain the success of neural therapy, which targets the regulation of ANS/VNS in the treatment of diseases.

From the point of view of neural therapy, health is a state of complete physical and mental well-being. Health is the absence of any worries or stress. Can you imagine such a healthy person when war, violence and trauma have become a part of our daily lives? The body does not forget any trauma it has gone through, only suppresses it!

On the other hand, Ricker's in 1905 and later in 1924 reported that ANS records every negative stimulus and facilitates the occurrence of diseases in terms of engrams. Hunger and excessive consumption of food both traumatize the body, and illness causes trauma, losses, poverty, and violent scenes on television, all of these are sources of trauma. Yes, one also learns from traumatic experiences. However, many stress-related and multiple diseases, which are the diseases of our age, become more open to cardiovascular diseases and psychological problems. Effective fight against these diseases is only possible by regulating ANS, fighting inflammation and erasing negative records in the body with the approach of regulatory medicine - neural therapy.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our colleagues who accepted our invitation and supported our congress with their presence and presentations.

To the Organizing Committee, who ensured the successful realization of the Congress,

To both co-presidents of the congress and our federation IFMANT, my dear friend Dr. Petja Piehler and Dr. Neslihan Ozkan, the scientific secretariat of our congress, Dr. David Vinyes, Dr. Tijen Acarkan and Dr. Cuneyt Tamam, AATRTF president Dr. Yusuf Tamam, IGNH chairman and honorary chairman of BNR, my old friend Dr. Hans Barop, honorary president of SANTH, IFMANT and BNR, my dear old friend Dr. Lorenz Fischer, my dear friend Dr. Helmut Lietzer, who has been the chairman of ONR as well as the chairman of ICMART for many years and has made great efforts in the field of acupuncture and manual medicine in the international arena, Dr. David Vinyes, who is the president of NT association of Spain and the secretary of our congresss, IFMANT honorary president Wolfgang ORTNER, president of the DGfAN association and co-chairman of neural therapy Dr. Uwe Gunter and Dr. Nicolas Stamer, one of the professors of the Colombian National Medical Faculty, Dr. Laura Bibiana Pinilla Bonilla together with Dr. Lorenz Fischer and Dr. Dr. David Vinyes who has always been by my side at IFMANT, who has made a great efforts to come such a long way to our congress 3 times the President of the Italian Neural Therapy Association, Dr. Giorgio Romani, from Chili Dr. Juan Carlos Salinas Castro, from Brasil Dr. Lucy Naomi Shiratori Tusita and Dr. Viviane Demarchi, from Argentina Dr. Juan Pablo Gramajo, from Costa Rica Dr. Patricia Madrigal, from Spain Dr. Juan Manuel Marín, from Ecuador Dr. Emilio Aroca Briones, from Colombia Dr. Luis Fernando Córdoba Llanos, from Germany my dear friend and the president of HUNTER Group, Dr. Stefan Weinschenk; my dear friend from Switzerland, Dr. Ralf Oettmeier, from Turkey Dr. Barbaros Oral, Dr. Fusun Şahin, Dr. Pınar Yalcin Bahat, Dr. Mustafa Karakan, Dr. Mehmet Ali Elmacıoglu, Ferda Firdin and I sincerely thank all my colleagues who held presentations and workshops, whose names I cannot  mention here one by one.

During the congress, 47 presentations were made by scientists whose contents have proven their expertise in neural therapy. In addition to 23 foreign speakers, 17 presentations were made by physicians trained by our association. 9 valuable workshops were held. The congress started on 01.06.2023 with a cocktail gathering. IFMANT meeting was held on the 2nd day of the congress with the IFMANT president, vice presidents and members. For three days, the congress hall started and ended with full attendance. My colleagues enthusiastically listened to the well-prepared presentations and asked questions. We have had a very rich scientific and social program. The congress took place with simultaneous translation into 3 languages (English, Turkish and Spanish). It was noteworthy that Latin American countries and Spanish-speaking participants were clearly rich in attendance. Physicians from Latin American countries enriched our congress with their presentations, posters, and by adding their cultural diversity.

In theory and practical training; ANS, inflammation, approach to multiple comorbidities, especially endocrine system, chronic bowel disease, pelvic problems and pelvic pain, connective tissue, ECM, post-covid and post-covid vaccine-related diseases, immune system, infectious diseases, allergic diseases The effectiveness and treatment strategies of neural therapy in the treatment of gynecological diseases and infertility, neurological diseases, rheumatic diseases, cancer and autoimmune diseases were demonstrated.

In chronic immunological diseases and multiple comorbidities, it is possible to re-regulate the body with neural therapy. Through NT treatment the use of biological agents, cortisone and antibiotics or immunosuppressive drugs is significantly reduced, and the positive effects of this treatment on the economy are evaluated.

It has been shown that neural therapy increases the body's self-healing capacity by regulating the immune system, and it performs this effect through the vegetative nervous system. Our body is the perfect functioning of the individual's immune system by ANS and the immune system is at the center of everything. The real cause of the disease is the environment and the individual's immune system rather than bacteria and microorganisms; together with the importance of tissue and organ perfusion, the hormonal system, the negative effects of stress and the effective role of the vegetative system in the treatment were discussed by different speakers from different countries. In addition, the therapeutic effects of LA (procaine and lidocaine) used in neural therapy and new studies were among the important topics of this congress.

In addition, to the whole team, I also would like to thank especially Okan Sezginel on behalf of Meta Turizm, who did his job with love in the organization of this congress and integrated with the neural therapy family, and finally to all the employees of Titanic Hotel Kartal, and also to the BNR Public Relations manager, who was not at the forefront of the congress, but you know from all correspondence and organizations. I would also like to thank Elvan Ataç and the invisible Fatma Gülçin Ural Nazlıkul.

As we successfully leave another congress behind, I would like to remind you that there are many more targets to be achieved in the name of Neural Therapy and  Complementary Medicine. I would also like to let you know that I believe that we will achieve these goals with the strength we receive from Turkish Neural Therapists.

I would like to publish the list of the scientists who contributed with their presentations to our congress and would like to thank them again.

Spoken words fly away, written words remain…

Presidents of Congress and Symposium

Dr. Hüseyin NAZLIKUL

Dr. Petja PIEHLER & Dr. Neslihan OZKAN